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New Release: NLS 5.19

The following is a list of the major features that are new relative to release 5.19.

Bankruptcy Watch Integration

Added the ability to process bankruptcies through BankcruptcyWatch.

Relationship UDF Layout

Added the ability to edit the screen layout of UDFs in contact relationship and loan relationship UDF tabs.

Multiple PTP Entry Option 2

Added an option to enable the multiple PTP entry option in the Promise to Pay dialog which is now disabled by default.

Option to Break Multiple PTPs

Added an option in multiple PTP entry dialog to break remaining outstanding PTPs when one PTP of a multiple PTP entry is broken.

Pre-Compute Interest Option

Added a new option to Loan Defaults to determine whether to apply a pre-compute interest to each principal advance or to only the first principal advance.

Automatic Impound Cushion Selection

Added new option to Loan Setup > Impounds to enable the automatic population of the cushion type based on impound code selection.

Bulk Payments Auto Fill Option

Added an option to disable the automatic distribution of funds in bulk payments. When the option is disabled in Loan Defaults, each bulk payment distribution will require manual entry.

Force Credit Bureau Header

Added an option to force the use of a credit bureau header as configured in the Credit Bureau setup.

Accrual Hyperthreading 4

Added new “Accrual Hyperthreading” option to Loan Defaults for MSSQL which improves the overall accrual performance and the handling of failed accruals.

National Change of Address 2

Added support for National Change of Address (NCOA) lookup.

Check Deposit Reversal

Added the ability to reverse cash drawer deposits made by check.

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