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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nortridge support loan origination?

Yes, using our highly customizable workflow manager, loan origination can be defined based on your organization’s origination methodology. This includes the functionality of pulling credit reports, creating documents and keeping all stakeholders up-to-date.

Does Nortridge support credit bureau reporting?

Yes, we create the Metro2 file that can be directly sent to the four major credit bureau agencies.

Does Nortridge handle ACH payments?

Yes, Nortridge allows the creation of native NACHA files that can be uploaded directly to your financial institution. Nortridge will handle the automatic posting of the payments on the execution date.

How does Nortridge handle documents?

We give you complete document control. Nortridge allows for documents to be scanned directly into the customer or loan record for easy retrieval. Also, all documents that are automatically generated by the system (statements, late notices, etc) are stored for later viewing.

Does Nortridge report directly to general ledger systems?

Yes, Nortridge comes with a default interface to QuickBooks. Interfaces can be custom built by our consulting team for: SAP, Oracle Financials, JD Edwards, Great Plains, MAS90 and Peachtree, among others.

Which reporting platforms does Nortridge support?

Nortridge has a built in reporting tool that generates PDF and Excel output, but also tightly integrates with Microsoft Reporting Services. For ADHOC reporting, we recommend products like Crystal Reports, Cognos, or any tool that will report from a SQL database.

Does Nortridge have an API?

Yes, Nortridge has an Application Programming Interface supporting COM, C++, C, VB, VBScript and Java. This API is used to interface with the application electronically. For importing data there is an XML Import Specification that allows any type of object that can be entered at the application by a user to be electronically added using our SOAP-based Web Service.

Can I import customer and loan data into Nortridge?

Nortridge has a SOAP based Web Service that allows data to be imported using the XML import specification. Importing of customer information, loan information, and transaction information can be handled by the Web Service. In addition to importing data, the same specification can be used to update the customer data complete with modification history control in the application.

We operate a very small lending operation – 25 loans. How can Nortridge help us?

Nortridge is available as Software as a Service (SaaS), meaning you don’t have to buy an upfront license or have an IT team on staff. With Nortridge in SaaS delivery mode, you can start small and add on as needed. For as little as $340 per month, you can start servicing your loans with a top-notch, industry-leading system. By automating your servicing, you’ll have more time to increase your business and bring in more loans. By keeping your loan servicing costs down, you’ll also have more resources to allocate to growing your business. With Nortridge, real-time and reliable information is delivered to your desktop at a minimal cost.

Do you provide technical support for your loan servicing software?

Yes. Both online help and a user’s manual are available. We frequently use Webex for product demonstrations and technical support presentations. Additionally, our knowledgeable technical staff is highly available by email or telephone.

I need to be up-and-running fast. How quickly can I start using Nortridge once I purchase it?

In the hosted environment, once your account has been set up, there are two things that you will need to do: (1) Configure Nortridge to your unique lending needs (i.e., codes to sort and group reports by, user defined fields to track additional borrower information, and general ledger account information, if desired); and (2) Convert your existing loans (if any) to the Nortridge system. The speed at which these two tasks are accomplished will depend on the number of users, number of loans and the complexity of the loans that you are managing.

I’m not technically inclined. How difficult is Nortridge to use?

Nortridge is a Windows-based loan servicing and portfolio management application that is designed with the user in mind. You can customize many of the product’s features to meet your unique loan servicing needs. Many lenders find that a brief overview of the product is all they need to start using the product right away. However, if you would like a more comprehensive explanation of the product’s features, online help and a user’s manual are available. Additionally, our knowledgeable technical staff is available to assist you. Note: Are you new to loan servicing or do you prefer to learn in a classroom setting? We offer both on-site and off-site Nortridge training, as well as online training. In addition we offer consultation and implementation assistance. Please contact our sales team to discuss how we can meet your needs.

What makes Nortridge better than the other loan servicing software systems on the market?

Our customers tell us that Nortridge is much more customizable and powerful than other packages they have used. Nortridge can be configured to meet your specific needs. It is a powerful, highly efficient, full-featured loan servicing system.

I make very “unusual” loans. What kind of flexibility does Nortridge offer?

A strength of Nortridge is its ability to handle multiple loan types. Our system readily accommodates step payments, seasonal payments, increasing and decreasing payments, and any other payment period imaginable. For example, you can have a payment due every 41 days. Payments can be level, interest-only, fixed-principal and / or percent of principal.

We work with “sub-prime” borrowers. Will your software work for us?

Nortridge is a loan servicing AND collection system tightly integrated for maximum efficiency. You can increase your cash flow, decrease collection costs and reduce delinquencies all with one software program. Multiple past-due and delinquency reports provide real-time information in as much or little detail as needed. You can build collector campaigns using the criteria you select. Action and result codes are user-defined. Promises made, kept and broken are at your fingertips. Unlimited notes, using shortcut keys, can be maintained on your borrower. You can design your own collection letters. There’s no limit here either. The collector screen can even be customized (by you) showing the data you consider to be most important.

What is a SaaS loan servicing application?

SaaS, or Software as a Service applications are accessible via a Web connection and are very easy to use. Once your account is setup, you simply need to log in to the application and start working. The software operates just as it would if it were loaded on your personal computer system. You may also hear SaaS applications referred to as “hosted” or web-based software.

What are the advantages of using a SaaS loan servicing application?

There are several advantages. First, because there are no licenses to buy, software to upgrade or IT staff to hire, SaaS is extremely cost-effective. Second, because you pay a simple, flat monthly fee, you can manage your money with greater ease. Third, because we store all data associated with our products at the world-class CyberTrails data center in Phoenix, you know that your data is secure and in a relatively natural-disaster-free area of the world. And fourth, you can access the system from anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection. The bottom line: Using Nortridge is a cost-effective and easy way for you to access a very secure loan servicing system.

How do I access the SaaS (Software as a Service) version of Nortridge?

It’s easy. All you need is an Internet connection and a computer or workstation with remote desktop connection. If you are running Windows XP, then you already have it. If your computer runs on a different platform, for example, Apple Mac OS, you can download it free from the Microsoft Web site.

How secure is my SaaS data?

We store all our customer data at the CyberTrails data center. As our Software as a Service (SaaS)-enabled environment, the CyberTrails data center is custom-designed with raised floors, HVAC temperature control systems, redundant power, UPS back-up and power conditioning systems and generators. They provide 24/7 physical security, including: state-of-the-art smoke detection and fire suppression systems, motion sensors, biometric access controls, as well as video surveillance and security breach alarms. Importantly, CyberTrails is a SAS-70 Type II audited organization.

Will I have to upgrade the software once I’ve purchased your SaaS service?

No. When you login to our system, you will always be using the latest version of the lending application.

What is the cost to process credit cards or ACH transactions in Nortridge Software?

It depends. We partnered with Merchant Partners as our credit card processor of choice. Their fees are some of the lowest in the industry. Before you can process credit cards in Nortridge, you’ll first setup an account with Merchant Partners who will go over the fees with you (which depend on volume).

How does Nortridge compare to other loan management software?

Nortridge is a robust all-in-one solution that handles everything through the entirety of a loan’s life cycle. With powerful features such as automations and work flows you can be sure to have a wealth of power at your fingertips where other software just falls short.

Does Nortridge support commercial lending?

Yes! Nortidge takes great pride in the softwares flexibility and its ability to work for you to be the best commercial lending software out there.

What kind of automations or workflows can I do in the Nortridge loan servicing software?

Nortridge is notoriously known for its complete customization suite to enable you to have some of the most intricate and complex automations and workflows for your unique situation. If you have a specific automation or workflow that you need – please schedule a demo with our Nortridge experts!

Can Nortridge be used as auto finance software?

Auto financing is a key market for Nortridge with many features in the software designed specifically for auto financing.

What reporting features does Nortridge have?

Nortridge is a big advocate for having a large collection of useful data at your fingertips and with such, our reporting solution includes a completely customizable report builder with the capability to generate thousands of unique reports for every instance you can think of. Our loan reporting software gives you complete database access allowing you to view everything.

Does the Nortridge loan collection software have any integration with bankruptcy software?

Nortridge utilizes our partner BankruptcyWatch to give extensive bankruptcy features such as automated PACER data which is a direct court integrated system. The BankruptcyWatch partnership also helps improve collection rates and minimize overall risk for loan accounts.

What is the Nortridge user community?

The Nortridge user community is our community of Nortridge users with open forum-like spaces for our users to engage with each other, ask questions, suggest features or even help other users with complex integrations, rules, workflows or automations. Our community is one of the largest loan management software communities in the industry and for a great reason: we have the best customers!

What integrations does Nortridge support out of the box?

Nortridge supports a wide array of unique integrations such as DocuSign and Transunion. For our complete native integrations and partnerships please reference the Nortridge partnership page.

Does Nortridge support custom integrations?

Yes! Through our enterprise licensing and our private cloud hosting options you have the ability to integrate custom third party apps.

What are all of the Nortridge loan management and servicing software features?

The extensive feature list that is offered in our loan management and servicing software would take far too long to list with the constant evolution of new features. For the best overview please reference this feature set list.

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