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A native NLS integration that helps you automate bankruptcy processing and more.

Avoid legal exposure - know when to stop collection activities.

The BankruptcyWatch integration provides a direct connection with the court system, PACER. Therefore, Nortridge users get the most up-to-date information, saving countless hours sifting through multiple court websites. These get automatically updated to the NLS database, which allows you to know when a loan is in bankruptcy proceedings, enabling you to take appropriate actions, like stopping collection activities.

Recorded Webinars

BankruptcyWatch Integration Part 1: Upcoming Trends and How To Limit Losses

Automate your bankruptcy process and generate new revenue. In this webinar recording, Lance Wickham, President of BankruptcyWatch, covers:

BankruptcyWatch Integration Part 2: Managing Bankruptcy processing within NLS

In this webinar, Robert Buskirk demonstrates how the integration between NLS and BankruptcyWatch can help simplify and organize the bankruptcy handling process. Learn how to:

Key Benefits

BankruptcyWatch and Nortridge have teamed up to offer you best-in-class bankruptcy monitoring and case management.

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Improve Collectability

Know when to stop and re-start collections so you can take the right actions at the right time and maximize your collector’s effectiveness.

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Reduce Risk

Avoid unnecessary lawsuits by adhering to the bankruptcy court rules. Get immediately notified when a bankruptcy is filed regardless of how or whether the debtor lists you.

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Automate bankruptcy processing

Detect new filings, update accounts, and file claims automatically. Dramatically increase the volume of claims your team can handle.

About BankruptcyWatch

Since 2007, BankruptcyWatch has singularly focused on improving all facets of the bankruptcy process by automating the collection of PACER data. BankruptcyWatch clients enjoy reduced expenses, turnaround time, and improved collectability from bankruptcy. Lenders are able to make critical decisions at every part of the underwriting and servicing process. BankruptcyWatch is revolutionizing the bankruptcy profitability paradigm.

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