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Anas Mughal

Vice President - Engineering

A technology leader with experience spanning Wall Street, healthcare, transportation and telecommunications, Anas has led the architecture and development of software platforms at companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Holding various roles in the software industry has enabled him to be effective at mentoring resources and aligning technology teams to deliver on business initiatives.

While reporting to the CEO, Anas is responsible for all product development at Nortridge Software. After joining Nortridge, he was instrumental in transforming the software team to enable rapid delivery of new features to Nortridge’s clients. Anas led the product team to deliver new product offerings ranging from a modern web services platform to multiple new web applications. Under his leadership, the product portfolio grew and the team doubled in size.

Among all of the past roles from leadership to a technology transformation agent at large companies, Anas greatly appreciates working closely with the CEO at Nortridge Software because that allows him to execute technology initiatives while aligned on business objectives.

Anas is a regular participant and speaker at local technology events. He makes himself available to advise startups and other executives, which enables him to exchange ideas and best practices with industry leaders. Some of those ideas and insights help him make improvements in the product development practices at Nortridge.

Outside work, Anas likes to spend time with friends, travel, watch movies and deepen his knowledge of homeopathy.

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