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Trends to Watch in 2017

Making predictions in the ever-changing lending and financial markets is indeed speculative at best, but it’s worthwhile to see what various experts and outlets believe are the trends to watch and the pitfalls to avoid. As the new year begins, we’ve gathered some articles we think might interest you:

10 Fintech Predictions for 2017

Chris Skinner |

A quick bullet point list of predictions. Among them, a prediction that Swift will get hacked again and the start of data wars in fintech machine learning.

a16z Podcast: The Movement of Money

Patrick Collison, CEO of Stripe | a16z Podcast

A 26-minute chat on the future of payments and transactions. They throw in a few book recommendations, too. If you haven’t started listening to a16z, I strongly recommend them. You can also listen to an older podcast on the future of Fintech

What to Watch For in Marketplace Lending During 2017

Vincent Balsulto |Crowdfund Insider

More than anything Balsulto’s article covers the legal aspects of marketplace lending. He talks about advocacy groups and how the new office may act on regulations. He also mentions a white paper the Treasury released last year on marketplace lending, if you haven’t read it you can access it directly.

Five Fintech Trends for 2017

Alara Basul | Bob’s Guide

A general list of predictions including the rise of A.I., contactless payments and blockchain.

Three Tech Trends That Will Impact Small Business Lending

Rohit Arora | Forbes

A short article that touches on the idea of convergence, that is banks and tech companies working together. It also talks about the underserved borrowers and the drive companies have to go after them.

2017 Predictions: 4 Trends that Will Shake UP Banking Next Year

Andrew Jennings | FICO Blog

Makes several interesting points, such as how banking APIs affect security. It also questions whether or not banking might become the next big geo-political issue. Of course, there are some thoughts on machine learning and block chain as well.

We’ll be watching the industry throughout the coming year, and we’ll share what we find on both our social media channels and here on our blog. What trends are you watching in 2017?

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