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Proven, Established Technology or New, Shiny Technology – What’s Better?

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I wrote the original Nortridge Loan System (NLS). I’ve been coding for decades. Part of my job today is to meet with our customers and prospects to help them understand how our software works and how we can help to solve their business issues. I get the same questions and comments over and over again. […]

Streamlining Lending Operations with the Right Tools

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The lending industry plays a vital role in the financial services sector, providing individuals and businesses with the capital they need to grow and succeed. Loan servicing software has been around for decades and is the hub of a lending institution’s operations. The lending software used must be powerful enough to handle all of the […]

Effective Collection Strategies Using Loan Servicing Software

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Default management is a crucial aspect of lending and financing operations. Effective collection is essential for reducing default rates, improving revenue and maintaining the reputation of the lending organization. However, the collections process can be complex and time-consuming, requiring a range of manual tasks, collaboration with borrowers and in-depth data analysis. To streamline this process […]

Using Loan Servicing Software for Early Warning of Potential Bad Debt

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Lenders face a constant challenge in managing their loan portfolio effectively and reducing the risk of bad debt. Early warning of potential bad debt is a critical aspect of loan servicing, as it allows lenders to take proactive measures to mitigate the risk and avoid significant financial losses. However, keeping up with payment schedules and […]

How to Increase Loan Performance with SMS Integration

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In today’s fast-paced world, effective communication is key to success, especially in the loan industry. With so many options for staying connected, it can be challenging for loan companies to reach borrowers in a timely and effective manner. One solution that has proven to be effective is SMS integration. Integrating SMS with your loan servicing […]

How Software with Complex Automations for the Lending Industry Pays for Itself

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When we consider a purchase for anything, we’re always looking for justifiable means. We want to ensure that we are getting the very best, especially when we are looking for something as crucial to the success of our business as loan software. Automation and workflows that allow you to save loads of time and money […]

How Auto Finance Software Makes the Industry More Profitable

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If you’re in the auto finance industry, you know that profitability is key. After all, it’s an intensely competitive field. With regulations always changing and new technologies popping up left and right, there can be a lot of disruptions along the way. That’s why having the best auto finance software on your side is essential […]

Reduce the Need for Collections with Loan Management Software

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Having full visibility and control over loans and repayments is essential for any business that deals in lending. Why? Because these things ensure that accounts are kept up to date, customers can be automatically notified in the event a customer won’t pay loan, resulting in arrears or delays, and it helps you reduce your reliance […]

How Commercial Lending Software Can Increase Your Revenue

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Any lender will tell you that they value anything that helps them in the processing, managing and servicing of their loan portfolios — and nothing in history has ever done this better than commercial lending software. Some form of loan software has been around for nearly four decades, but can it really increase your bottom […]

Increase Productivity with Loan Servicing Software – Here’s how:

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Being a lender is no easy task — and it certainly doesn’t get any simpler when you’re managing multiple loans at once. Not only do traditional, cumbersome loan servicing processes take up large amounts of your valuable time, but they also leave plenty of room for costly errors to creep in unnoticed. To ensure maximum […]

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