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Switching to Switch – Nortridge’s New Hosted Data Center is State of the Art

Nortridge Software is in the process of migrating to Switch, a state-of-the-art data center that’s considered the best in North America. The move is part of our effort to improve the efficiency and performance of the Nortridge Loan System (NLS). The better hosting environment provides us with increased opportunities for innovation, economies of scale, risk mitigation, sustainability and investment protection.

What makes Switch special? It starts with its CEO and founder, Rob Roy. He’s an innovator who has designed, built and operated data centers since 2000. He has more than 350 patent and patent pending claims that capture his vision and inventions. The place is impressive. From its slick appearance to its high-level security to its high-tech and sustainable functionality, Switch hasn’t overlooked a single detail.

Switch describes itself as “a technology infrastructure ecosystem corporation whose core business is the design, construction and operation of the most advanced data centers, which are the foundations of the most powerful technology ecosystems on the planet.” You’d be surprised by how many ‘cloud’ companies are using Switch. Brands such as Cisco and Hulu trust Switch to provide a dependable hosting environment.

Some of the innovative designs that have been patented and put to use at Switch data centers include:

  • 100% hot aisle containment rows, using isolated pathways bringing heat up into a separated heat containment area.
  • Multi-system exterior wall penetrating HVAC units, designed to modularly adjust with density needs as well as reach the highest levels of sustainability.
  • Multi-color power systems to ensure elite performance levels of deployment, operability and security.
  • Power spine electrical pathway delivery (building design) ensures flexibility and sustainability, enabling capital expenditure intelligence.
  • Proprietary and patented Living Data Center (DCIM) Switch software that surpasses all current existing Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) offerings.

Switch says it believes that the future progress of humanity depends on the sustainable growth of the Internet – and they aim to power that growth with renewable energy. In fact, since January 1, 2016, Switch data centers in the United States run on 100% renewable energy.

Switch’s power and cooling technologies allow it to provide a density of up to 42kW per cabinet and achieve annual PUE ratings of 1.28 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and an estimated 1.20 in Reno, Nevada. In addition, Switch began construction in 2016 of two solar power stations in Las Vegas with a combined 179MW of capacity. Switch also applies sustainability initiatives to protecting the world’s most precious resource – water. Through industry partnerships, Switch helped pioneer and develop proprietary technology that eliminates chemicals from its cooling systems, while increasing efficiency by over 400% and saving more than 155 million gallons of water in just three years.

Switch is designated a Tier 4 facility by the Uptime Institute, the standards body for data centers. But Tier 4 wasn’t good enough for Switch. They knew they could do better, so they created their own much higher standards. To read more about Switch’s unprecedented standards.

Another attribute that makes Switch special are its locations. The two largest campuses in Las Vegas and Reno benefit from the area’s track record for having the fewest natural disasters of any place in North America. The chances of an earthquake, hurricane, flood or tornado are extremely low, providing unparalleled security for the equipment and data at the centers.

Once Nortridge has switched over completely, NLS users can expect more stability and better redundancy. And with Switch’s record of ZERO outages, your data is safe.

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