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Borrower Portal A Jumping Off Point

If you are like many consumer lenders in today’s markets, you want your borrowers to be able to go onto your website, look up balances on their own, get a copy of their last statement, and perhaps make a payment. For several years now, all this has been possible through NLS Web Services. Web Services is an interface that allows a website to connect with and talk to the NLS database. But, you were still responsible for building the front end website to which the borrower would connect.

Realistically, no one can build a generic website that will be all things to all people. You could spend a lot of money to have a web designer custom build your website to your specifications, or you could do it with in-house staff, but you have the joy of staring at a blank page and the challenge of starting with nothing. We think it’s easier to adapt the code for an existing website to the look and feel you want. It’s easier to turn off features you don’t want and create any new features that you need. That process is far better than building a site from the ground up. Nortridge now provides you with this foundation on which to build and modify.

Nortridge Software proudly presents the Borrower Portal website template. The template provides you with the HTML and CSS source code for a set of web pages, predesigned to interface with your NLS database through Web Services, which have functionality such as borrower loan lookup, statement retrieval, and online payment processing, to name just a few of the key features.

As the website host, you’ll need to:

  1. Add this source code onto your website’s server
  2. Edit the code to modify the fonts, colors, and iconography to meld seamlessly into your company’s website’s look and feel
  3. Disable any features you don’t want
  4. Program any additional features you wish to add

We think that having this starting point will be a major asset to the website development process. Sometimes, just having an example of how to do one of the functions is a major boon. Just last week, we had a client who was building their own website ask how they could go about pulling the borrower’s statement into their website. It turns out, we were already doing that on our borrower portal template. We sent over the template source code, which is now available to all Nortridge clients, and this lender just lifted out that section of the code to adapt it into their website.

It is our hope that this predefined starting point will greatly enhance our clients’ ability to make use of the existing Web Services functionality.

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