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Nortridge Software to Offer Lenders and Loan Servicing Businesses Economical Printing and Mail Fulfillment Services

Partnership with Allison Payment Systems Will Bring Efficiency, Economies of Scale to Small- and Mid-Sized Lenders, Loan Servicers

LAKE FOREST, CA – Nortridge Software Company, the software vendor of choice for lenders and loan servicing companies nationwide, today announced an alliance with Allison Payment Systems to deliver integrated, automated printing and mail fulfillment services. Through its newly formed partnership with Allison, Nortridge will provide customers with the ability to have bills, letters or other documents printed directly from the Nortridge Loan System, inserted into envelopes, presorted and mailed to customers in a more efficient and cost-effective way. The service can be utilized for individual notices or large-batch runs of statements or tax documents.

Partnering with a large-volume mailer like Allison will allow Nortridge to offer even its small customers the print and mail economies of scale that only very large lenders have enjoyed in the past. “Any lender that’s currently printing and mailing a couple hundred pieces or more per month needs to take a serious look at this service,” noted Mark Gleason, Director of Business Development at Nortridge. “The costs, in almost every case, are lower than the costs of printing a letter in-house, stuffing it into an envelope, and paying for postage. When you add the convenience of doing it all with one click in the Nortridge Loan System, the ROI case for this is obvious and significant.”

The service will also include the ability to create certified mail pieces, with delivery verification for notices that require signatures and return receipts. In addition, the US Postal Service’s Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMB) technology will be utilized on first-class invoices and letters on both outgoing and remittance envelopes. IMB allows for extensive tracking data on outbound and inbound mail, which will be readily accessible in the Nortridge loan servicing system. “Now, when a borrower tells a lender, ‘the check is in the mail,’ a lender will be able to verify that the envelope is indeed on its way as the inbound envelope’s IMB is scanned through the stages of the mail delivery process,” Gleason added.

“We’re proud to support Nortridge Software and its lending and loan servicing customers throughout the nation with our turnkey solutions and we look forward to providing full-service print and mail options. We’ve been excited out about this opportunity and we are confident that Nortridge clients will find a perfect mix of technology and service with this partnership,” said Kevin Thomas, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at APS.

About Allison Payment Systems

Allison Payment Systems, LLC, is a full service customer communication solutions provider specializing in digital transactional document presentment, print & mail services and a host of Electronic Document Delivery and Management (EDDM) tools. During the course of our over 120 year history, Allison Payment Systems has seen and initiated quantum shifts in the marketplace to improve efficiency and promote products and services more effectively. Evolving from a coupon payment booklet provider and manufacturer into a full service transactional data processor and mail supplier has given APS a wealth of knowledge unique in the industry. That knowledge allows APS to provide superior levels of service and to bring a vast base of experience to bear on your specific needs and circumstances. For more information on the company, visit:

About Nortridge Software

Nortridge Software LLC, provides lenders and loan servicers with the automation needed to more profitably originate, service, collect and report on loan portfolios. Since 1981, Nortridge has leveraged its experience in banking, lending and software development to provide clients with quality software solutions and excellent support services. Today, the Nortridge Loan System is valued by loan servicing companies representing a wide range of industries and loan portfolio sizes. The company is headquartered in Lake Forest, CA. For more information visit,

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