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NLS 5.28 New Features

NLS version 5.28 features a set of small feature improvements that our customers have been asking for.

Payment Processing

Disable Recurring ACH Payments

Added new “Disable Recurring ACH Payments” option to status codes for disabling recurring and billing ACH payments.

ACH and AFT Header Trustee

Added trustee control to automated payments ACH header and AFT header.

Credit Reporting

Reset Payoff Comment Code

Added an option to reset the credit bureau comment code when a payoff is reversed.


Added FACTA v5, v8, and v9 score models to Equifax credit pulls.

Metro 2 Update

The “DATE CLOSED” field on a Metro 2 will now be reported when the Special Comment “CJ” is set on an open/active account.

Loan Configuration

New Rule of 78 Rebate Rule

Added amortized fee cancellation rebate rule “Through End of Period from Origination Date” for rule of 78 cancellation type.

Default Management

GL Control for Entering Charge Off P&I

Added a new Entering Charge Off tab to Loan Group setup to configure the GL control for the principal and interest of loans entering charge off. Also added additional pair of Debit/Credit GL controls for Non-Accrual, Entering Charge-Off, and Charge-Off modes under Transaction Codes setup.

Automatic Bankruptcy Dismissal

Added an option to automatically dismiss bankruptcies when a bankruptcy dismissal notification is received instead of placing the bankruptcy in a “dismissed pending” state.

Bankruptcy proof of claim – interest balance

Interest balance used for bankruptcy proof of claim is now pulled from the corresponding daily trial balance record for the same date as the proof of claim filing. If no daily trial balance record exists, the current balance is used.

Bankruptcy proof of claim – total arrears

Total arrears at time of filing for bankruptcy proof of claim will be calculated from the current balances if no daily trial balance record exists for the corresponding filing date.

General Setup

Specify Report Email Subject and Filename

Added the ability to specify the email subject and filename to use when sending reports through email scheduled in NLS Service.

Contact and Loan Deletion Logging

Deleting a loan or contact is now logged in NLSLog.

Delete Old Mail Source Images

Added the ability to delete document images from the Mail Source history.

API & XML Import

Late Fee Code attributes

LateFeeCode and LateFeeNo attributes under element in XML import can now be used to set late loan event codes.

Employment details XML element

Added a new XML import element for configuring the employment details of a contact to contact relationship.

XML Import user priviledges

XML import via API calls can now be performed by any user with the Import XML privilege. DBA privilege is no longer required.

See all features and improvements for NLS 5.28 here.

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