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NLS 5.26 New Features

NLS version 5.26 features a set of small feature improvements that our customers have been asking for.


Conditional Impound Analysis Statements

Added the ability to configure the usage of different document statements based on the result of an impound analysis.

Payment Processing

Payment Info Threshold

Added a threshold amount to payment methods at which additional payment information will be required during transaction entry.


Added a threshold amount to payment methods at which additional payment information will be required during transaction entry.


The “Enrolled Date” associated with payment cards are now displayed in the card history and automated payment dialogs.


Search by Branch for Contact

Expanded the Search by Branch option in the Advanced Global Search to include contact queries. This option must be enabled in Contact Defaults.


Global search will now return hits on restructured loans.


Added the ability to add loans to the loan lookup table in task view to aid in viewing the loan details without having to navigate away from the task view.

Current User Working on a Task

Added a “Locked By” column to the work queue table to indicate when a user, in the form of LOGIN@COMPUTER, is currently working on that task. Only for SQL.

Copy Loan Group Settings

Added the ability to copy settings from another Loan Group when creating a new Loan Group.


Telephone Editor UDFs

Added 10 user defined fields to be used in the telephone editor. The UDFs are configured in Setup > Contact Setup > User Defined Fields.



Added separate security privilege in Contacts > Contact Records > Field Level Access > Phone Numbers for individual telephone editor parameters.



Expanded DocuSign integration to allow for checking status, voiding, and retrieving signed document through COM API.



Expanded deferred payment functionality to support participation loans.

Credit Bureaus


Added 02352-FICO Risk Score Classic v.8, 05200-FICO Risk Score Classic v.9, and 05402-VantageScore Model 4.0 to the Equifax score model number list. Report pack with a 20210422 build date or newer is required.

API and Scripting


Added new XML attributes to the element for importing a contact‘s “More Information” data.

See all features and improvements for NLS 5.26 here.

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