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NLS 5.23 and 5.24 New Features

NLS 5.23 and 5.24 are packed with customer requested features and improvements.

NLS 5.24

NLS version 5.24 is focused on features that improve payment processing and adapting to rules and regulations at the state level.

Payment Processing

Option to Disable ACH in Borrower Portal

Added an option in status codes setup to prevent the creation of ACH payments through the Borrower Portal.

One-time Card Payment Representment Option

Added an option to prevent one-time recurring card payments from being represented when the initial card payment fails.

Card Return Code Expansion

Individual card payment return codes can now be specified to revoke all automated card payments for the loan or only for the associated card.

Cancel ACH and Card Status Code Options

Added status code options to cancel all scheduled ACH and card payments.


Future Billing Threshold

Added the ability to set a threshold on the number of days out in the future a future billing can be created.

APR and interest

Maximum Total Accrued Interest

Added an option to set a maximum amount of interest that a loan can accrue over the life of the loan.

API and Scripting

Charge Off and Non Accrual Conversion Loan XML Import

Added additional attributes to element of XML import to support the importing of loans with charge off and non accrual loan status codes.

Scripting the Comments & Documents OK Button

Added the ability to execute a script when the OK button is clicked in the Add Comments & Documents dialog.

Credit Bureau Reporting

Option for Term Duration on Metro 2

The Term Duration as reported on a Metro 2 can be configured to report the current term due or the term due minus the number of deferments.

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NLS 5.23

NLS version 5.23 has many minor improvements around borrower management, communications, and security.

Contact Management

New Contact Addresses Tab

Added an option to show the contact addressbook relationships in its own tab in the contact view. The new Addresses tab is shown when the option to hide Addresses is unselected in Setup > Contact Setup > Contact Type > Options.

New Contact Relationships Type

Added a new “ADDRESS” contact relationship type.


Separate Email/SMS Template for Payments Due

Payments due communications can now be configured to use a different template for specified number of days before and after the due date.

API and Scripting

Custom Filename for Reports Sent via SFTP

The filename may now be specified for reports generated by NLS Service sent via SFTP.

Statement Generation

Document Print Queue Filtering

Added the ability to filter items in the document print queue to print select batches.

Default Management

Specify Co-borrower’s Phone Number Used in Collector Mode

Added a new Contact Called field to the collection result form for specifying the phone number of a contact relationship associated with the loan.

Payment Processing

Oldest Payment First Distribution Enhancement

Added the ability to split the “oldest payment first” payment distribution override hierarchy so that items can be placed between the past due and current due distributions.

Sub-Penny Clearing

Added the ability to specify whether to use the payoff date or the close date when a loan’s sub-penny residual amount is cleared.


Report Parameter Trustee Access

Added a new System Defaults setting for restricting user access to report parameters based on the user’s trustee privileges.

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