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ConsumerFi Podcast: Breaking Down Solutions by Text with CEO, Danny Cantrell

February 18, 2021

Episode 16


Joel is joined by Danny Cantrell, CEO of Solutions by Text, to discuss the company’s focus on compliance, how American Idol helped inspire the idea behind the product, and how Solutions by Text can be a powerful component of the Omni Channel toolbox.

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[00:00:20] Welcome everybody. Welcome to the podcast today. Uh, Danny Cantrell with, uh, solutions by text. Danny is joining us. Today, uh, w he’s takes his, his health and the health of others. Very seriously. He’s wearing a mask. He’s all messed up, Danny. Well,

[00:00:35] Danny Cantrell: [00:00:35] freaking mask on a podcast, but you said you might be doing some video outtakes.

[00:00:42] We got to get people laughing right off the bat, buddy.

[00:00:44] Joel Kennedy: [00:00:44] Well, I I’m no one to talk. Uh, governor of our great state of California, uh, told people you should wear your mask in between bites when you’re eating out in public. So you know that that’s, that’s our metric. You’re you’re

[00:00:56] Danny Cantrell: [00:00:56] yeah. You guys are moving to Texas right now because of [00:01:00] Texas.

[00:01:00] Uh, it’s 50, 50% on the restaurants, but now our great governor said, you can pull up and get a curbside margarita with a gram on the top and they put it right in your car. So, so much for drinking and driving. Oh my

[00:01:13] Joel Kennedy: [00:01:13] gosh. Now this is the type of leadership that we need. This is the type of solid leadership.

[00:01:18] Well, I thought I thought I saw something come out where the Austin mayor or somebody had added some additional restrictions and the governor of the state said, uh, ain’t happening.

[00:01:29] Danny Cantrell: [00:01:29] They’ve already voted to defund the police in Austin, Texas, where the Texas Longhorns live. And the governor said, no, we’re going to defund you.

[00:01:39] Oh, boy, that was kind of the great state of Texas man where we’re always kind of independent out here sometimes.

[00:01:47] Joel Kennedy: [00:01:47] Yeah. Well, the fortune, the good fortune for me is that, uh, I get along really well, especially with, with everybody, but, but I definitely get on well with the Texas folks. And it’s one of the delights that I have from [00:02:00] my job.

[00:02:00] That I get to that. I get to mix it up with all you Texas folks. Cause, uh, shoot. I don’t, I don’t mind good barbecue. Uh, I don’t, I don’t mind some of the other freedom stuff that you guys are all after and, uh, it was great, but, um,

[00:02:14] Danny Cantrell: [00:02:14] But you were on the North Ridge when we had our, the NAF conference you’re you’re on the NAF board now, and our roads have pass across so many times over the last 10 plus years.

[00:02:25] And now you’re on the North Ridge ship, but you were on the North Ridge SBT, sunset cruise here in Texas about four years ago. Uh, and so, man, it’s great to be able to just have a conversation with you today and. Discuss what technologies looking like in the future. And I look forward to our discussion today.

[00:02:46] Joel Kennedy: [00:02:46] Yeah. So let me, let me just tee this up to let folks know a little bit about, uh, the background of me. And then I want you to dive in on yours, Danny, and how we met, but just to set the stage, I had, uh, an auto finance company that [00:03:00] I was running. And, um, we were largely just collecting and this is deep subprime.

[00:03:05] So you have to, you have to really hit the phones. You have to try to get in, in, in the borrower’s faces help, let them know a lot of times that you have programs that can help them. And, um, we were, we just didn’t have any kind of texts and capability. And so, uh, I got connected up with you guys and it really did.

[00:03:22] Uh, enable our servicing and collections, but then there was so much other functionality, uh, that, that we were able to tap into with your platform. And it’s really cool. It’s like, it’s you guys built this platform. I think of it as an octopus where you guys built that core part of the octopus, but you already got eight legs.

[00:03:40] We might have 12 legs at some point. This thing is, is really cool to branch stuff off of, but anyway, the accolades are there. Uh, I’ve been a user. Obviously I integrated it with North Ridge. And we’re going to talk a little bit about that too. Um, but Danny, tell us a little bit about your background, how you guys got the sync started and, uh, the background of the company.

[00:04:00] [00:03:59] Danny Cantrell: [00:03:59] Yeah, thanks, man. Uh, we actually had our first user conference. Uh, I believe it was 2019. We experimented with it and it was a bang, but that was also, uh, our 25th business anniversary. Uh, when I pulled a team one line into my apartment, uh, 25 years ago and invented the loan by phone. And so I, it was funny today is now I’m in a.

[00:04:26] Beautiful 10th floor office here in Dallas, Texas. And I’ve got an office in Bangalore, India. That’s nicer than the one here in Texas. We’ve got almost 60 employees here in Dallas and 35. They’re not outsourced. That’s actually my team and my family. We’re one big happy family, but 25 years ago, I didn’t want you to come to my apartment.

[00:04:47] I wanted to go to you. So bring some security and Citibank had no idea that they were routing there. Refinance calls into my apartment. So from there we just continued the journey, right. And so [00:05:00] I’m blessed to work with my brother, Mike, at that time, he was with Bally, total fitness back in the, the Jane Fonda days.

[00:05:06] And then, uh, About, uh, I think it’s been nine years. Mike Mark actually saw the texting coming over from the UK. Uh, they, they kind of invented it. Thank goodness for American idol and Simon. He started getting us to text, to vote blue to do you know, that was gone. That costs you a dollar 50 and he was making money on it.

[00:05:26] And the carriers were collecting the revenue. That’s kind of what accelerated texting. And we were very fortunate that when they reached out to Mike from the UK to Valley, Mike said, that’s a lead get with my brother, Danny. I saw it. I’ve texted the word fitness and got a two-week pass on my phone. And it didn’t take as long realize that it was going to be a big technology.

[00:05:47] Uh, so we white labeled somebody from the UK. Uh, begin to start selling anything that would pay the bills. And then the loan by phone, one of the payday guys was using my loan by phone and [00:06:00] we took it into that, that industry. And they started consuming it for collections and account related and marketing.

[00:06:07] Uh, then the delay, as some of the software companies were plugging in that six hour delay from the it guys having a question, we were not realized real quick, we better go build our own software. Uh, because we’re growing quick and what we’re running on is not yeah. And then compliance. So sure enough, man, we, we pulled up a couple of Texas boys bootstrapped the company, no outside money, ate what we killed and built a software platform focused on compliance.

[00:06:38] And next thing you know, um, we just had our biggest month towards the end of COVID almost 20. We did over 20 million messages. Uh, with 54 core channel partners, just like North Ridge plugged into our. Ferrari into our engine and, uh, we’re growing like weights.

[00:06:56] Joel Kennedy: [00:06:56] That’s amazing. You know, compliance is, is a, is a very [00:07:00] important component.

[00:07:01] Um, Danny, when you talk about compliance or when you think about compliance, like help kind of tee that up for us, like with, for folks that maybe, maybe they haven’t done too much with texting, but they’re interested, but they’re. Maybe they’re concerned. They don’t really know what they’re up against. Like how do you, how do you kind of address compliance?

[00:07:19] Danny Cantrell: [00:07:19] Well, that’s a great opening Joel, because when we realized, when we began to go to our, as part of that Cinderella story too, we were down to our last dollar. I had already maxed out all my credit cards. Our brother was consuming his 401k.

[00:07:34] Joel Kennedy: [00:07:34] They’re done that. Unfortunately, it’s, it’s painful. It’s painful. It makes you sit there and look at yourself saying, is this really a good idea?

[00:07:41] Like you start thinking about that. This is my family’s money, you know, , it gets scary. It’s

[00:07:46] Danny Cantrell: [00:07:46] a scary as it could get, uh, and you know, by keeping the faith and just believe in that you can, and, and then just the timing of it that. Uh, we literally went into this association, um, realized, [00:08:00] Hey, there’s channel partners, our platform needed to live inside the core LMS or the loan origination.

[00:08:06] We don’t need to live outside it. We need to leave live in it. So it densifying channel partners was kind of part of the, the story too. But then we quickly realized that these lenders were not going to send a text. Uh, even though we weren’t even in the TCPA laws that happened in October, 2013, we were way before that we started, they were on flip phones.

[00:08:29] There wasn’t even a smartphone when we started. And so we began to really, uh, it was 2013 when we really said, Hey, it’s texting. It was marketing. But we went out and got with, uh, Ballard Spahr. Touch and cook. And there, there are outside attorneys. We’re not there, Jen, your general counsel, but we really let them get white papers and identify that yes, you can text.

[00:08:54] How do you text compliantly? And that became part of our secret sauce is [00:09:00] let’s focus on consent. What are your wireless policies look like? What is a written signature on an agreement? Is that re consent. And at the end of the day, the first message they ever get from the lender. Is the opt-in message that they can opt out and all subsequent payment reminders and past due.

[00:09:20] And. No collections and two way texts and get any time they can opt out an amazing stat, less than 1% of all those 20 main messages, less than 1% opt out. It’s our preference. We’re a non-verbal society. And especially when you get into collections, that’s the olive branch, the bridges back and engagement.

[00:09:42] Joel Kennedy: [00:09:42] That’s right. That’s right. The thing that I really like about the system. So we used it to start texting our, our, our customers, and it was very easy to create, um, Clean messaging for different treatments. So I had a five day, 10 [00:10:00] day, 15 day on up through whatever past due, they were receiving specific messages that, where you’re able to channel out through our agents to have them initiate the contact.

[00:10:10] Or we w we did it systematically as well, but I liked how I had a lot of control over the messaging. Um, then we started using it on the loan origination side. Uh, getting in contact with borrowers to collect stipulations, which I really liked because the alternative a lot of times is that you’re going through the originating dealership, the FNI person, which is fine, but I’d like to take the burden off their shoulders and you really want to talk directly to the customer and deal, deal with them as much as directly, as much as you can.

[00:10:42] So that was an eye-opener for me, but there are so many other things you were mentioning about. Uh, providing letters and notices and other types of things through texts. Can you tell us a little bit about some of those innovations?

[00:10:53] Danny Cantrell: [00:10:53] Yeah. The tools in the toolbox. So, uh, basically, uh, as I said, kind of a [00:11:00] Ferrari and you talked about the octopus and the tentacles North Ridge is body and several gears of the Ferrari into the North Ridge LMS and the yellow.

[00:11:09] So when you look at the loan origination, we know that there’s a consent language where account in the short form that they’re feeling out there in the dealership. And so if you turn down the loan, because they’ve walked in for account related messaging, You can send a URL, the adverse action letter behind that URL and they click on that link and they expose themselves to the adverse action document.

[00:11:37] And so we really look at that one to try to take a bite out of the mail costs for the lender. Yeah. Yeah, that’s a big win. And then if the steps, if they forgot their insurance card or driver’s license, you send them a text and says, take a picture and send that into us. And even the dealer manager, working with the F and I guy, he’s doing a two-way texting back and forth to get deals done.

[00:11:59] So there’s [00:12:00] the, there’s the opt-in there’s the front end of the house, the front end of the funnel. And then on the back end, the load is lounge, beginning to fund. Welcome to ABC lending. You send them a text and get them to give you a Google or Yelp review. They’re happy. You just gave him the keys to the car.

[00:12:17] And then in that toolbox, is this not a one-way directional payment reminder of after count 10 day? Like you said, five day, but URLs inside that text message to take them to a mobile optimized payment experience. Uh, with whoever their payment partner is, it’s just the URL that, that payment partner provides the lender.

[00:12:41] And so trackable URLs are you dropped now because of the smartphone. And again, I say we’re nonverbal and we want to sell service,

[00:12:50] Joel Kennedy: [00:12:50] making it simple. I mean, I, I used to think there was always two rails that I always had to build up operationally. I had to have like my. My, uh, my [00:13:00] online rail, which would operate really on like a website or something someplace where the customer could make a payment, do some commerce with me.

[00:13:07] But at some point where I was working with you, I said, you know what, screw it. We’re just going to leapfrog the laptop or, or the, or the desktop, because non-prime consumer, they’re all gonna have cell phones. And they’re probably going to be doing a lot of the stuff that they need to be doing on their cell phone or their tablet, for example.

[00:13:24] And so, um, I thought, why do I need these duplicative systems? Why do I need like a, you know, like a laptop system and then a, and then a mobile enabled system. I just go with the mobile enabled and say has their computer. Yeah. Yeah. So I, I love that. I love the innovation. You guys, you guys. So you told us how you, you bootstrapped it.

[00:13:46] You’ve obviously grown. What are, what are some of the markets, uh, segments, uh, beyond just non-prime auto, um, that you guys have found. It really love you guys. Yeah.

[00:14:00] [00:13:59] Danny Cantrell: [00:13:59] We’re very thankful for our brand. And when we started in the payday space almost, I don’t know, 14 years ago, storefront lending, payday lending pawn, uh, then they begin to go online.

[00:14:12] And so that vertical. Uh, there was eight or nine of those people in there, and then that world shifted installment lending. So again, part of our secret sauce was to go partner with those ellos and LMS is, and then once we kind of lock it down and figured out our secret sauce, the next one was the buy here, pay here vertical and went and found our partnerships there.

[00:14:37] And then we hit the APHSA. Installment vertical about seven years ago. And that’s where I began to meet you there and NAF. And again, just very blessed to be able to partner with all those guys. And then a third party collections. We hit that about six years ago and it goes back to the compliance space.

[00:14:56] At the end of the day, you have your TCPA and FCCPA laws. [00:15:00] Uh, but the sheriff, the one who says you could get a business enterprise to deliver messages is Verizon T-Mobile. And these carriers are very adamant that the text window does not get spammed out like email. And they’re really focused on marketing and under unsolicited, how much political.

[00:15:19] Text messaging. Did you get over the last eight months? Uh, and so that really, I didn’t realize that politics was baked into the TCPA laws. So this ain’t a politics discussion today, but as far as the journey, uh, this third party space ran into a code of conduct issue with the carriers and the carrier said, third parties, can’t send a text message to their customers.

[00:15:43] And we had early adopters. Uh, so we had advocacy efforts with T-Mobile to let them know that we are focused on consent. We actually control the language on SBTC platform. And do you know, they did a three-year look back on all the five [00:16:00] digit short codes that we manage. We’re a premier partner. We’re a huge company.

[00:16:04] Now the opt-outs even in third party to buy your payer installment less than 1%. So that really for them to see that there’s an wow. Uh, yeah, we’re going to let third party. Use SMS providing they’re running on a platform like SBT, uh, and that does, that’s a big win when you can help with an industry vertical.

[00:16:29] To be able to tap into the most important channel on the omni-channel machine.

[00:16:36] Joel Kennedy: [00:16:36] And that leads us into, uh, some of the beautiful integration, you know, you’re talking about with the, uh, the actual cellular companies, but then the integration that we have with Northridge, the two way texting, uh, some of that out of the box functionality for folks that.

[00:16:52] May not know a ton, obviously Northridge is, is a loan management system. We pride ourselves on having an assistant that [00:17:00] manages significant complexity, but it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s flexible so that, you know, you can go from a startup through, to a very sophisticated business number of different types of loans and products in there.

[00:17:11] So we’re used to dealing with a lot of complexity, but. You know, our customers often really relish the opportunity to be able to get out of the box functionality with a strong integration, such as, as we have a solutions by text Danny, can you highlight some of the, some of the things I did mention two-way text and I didn’t mean to steal your thunder, but can you mention some of the, some of the tangible benefits of, of, of that integration?

[00:17:35] Danny Cantrell: [00:17:35] Sure. Well, the two way texting gets the Holy grail. It is, and we were excited that when you guys pulled it in last year, because it’s a game changer for engagement when somebody’s stressed out and they know they owe their car payment, or they have that loan. Uh, and so yes, you guys brought that in and that’s not a web chat.

[00:17:57] That’s a real time. You’re on your [00:18:00] phone and I’m at my collection call center. I’m multitasking. And we’re going to figure out that payment options and bridge back a conversation. So the fact that out of all, all of our gears, that’s one of the toughest gears to get into your LMS. So your team did a wonderful job with Greg and Greg Heinsohn and those guys, but first it’s just simple first message they ever gets the opt-in message and then their payment reminders turn on.

[00:18:26] That’s configurable. You want a 10 day, five day, one day payment reminder. They want, oops. Life happens past due. Day three it’s past due check your records. They seven and then you start putting the words, reply to this message. But the reality is you’ll send them a payment reminder and they’ll text you back.

[00:18:42] I can’t make my payment. I lost my job. So that was, what’s so critical that you had the two-way there. You got the inbound MMS. I, one of the ones I really like right now, uh, is the deactivation logic. You guys have it, but what that is is overnight, the carriers are telling us [00:19:00] Joe ported, his number. He went into Verizon with his, T-Mobile got a new Verizon phone, new Verizon plan, but he kept his number.

[00:19:07] That’s called porting. But if the carrier says overnight, he’s turned that off within two to three business days, that will be recycled. But the important part about it is for us, we stop you from texting it. We, we actually control the, uh, the system of record and we want to maintain the compliance in the consent.

[00:19:28] So we’ll flag it off, no more texts and give it back to you. If you have a dialer, you won’t dial them anymore. But the reality is it’s almost like a, a skip trace, you know, that, that person’s going to be in a collection issue and you can kind of get ahead of the, the fire burning, you know? Yeah.

[00:19:45] Joel Kennedy: [00:19:45] Or, or, or maybe, you know, in some scenarios where they don’t have a product such as yours, you could end up just continually texting the person and it’s the wrong person.

[00:19:55] And God forbid you disclose something about the debt. You know, now, now you’re, [00:20:00] you’re really in trouble.

[00:20:01] Danny Cantrell: [00:20:01] Really in trouble. And that’s it. I think for us, we’re, we’re uh, in our staff, when, when a North Ridge customer signs up with us, they get to the back of the house, which you called a success consultant and that success gets consultants going to help them crawl, walk, run.

[00:20:17] We’re not just going to fire aim. Ready? We’re going call. We’re gonna walk. We’re gonna run. And then we’re going to be turning on all these different business rules that would apply to that loan. Or is it a loan origination? So at the end of the day, and when I say it’s the most important tool in the omni-channel toolbox, uh, it kind of is we can accommodate your preference if you want to still walk to the mailbox.

[00:20:41] Or do you want the mailbox on your phone?

[00:20:42] Joel Kennedy: [00:20:42] Yeah, so we’ve got, um, a little insider here, but this is, this was news to me. Um, we’ve got the Northridge, uh, we have an annual user conference. And, uh, we’re going to be using solutions by texts [00:21:00] to help the participants, our Northridge clients, uh, To help make this virtual conference because it’s going to be our first virtual one.

[00:21:10] I mean, we’ve all been through virtual conferences by this point, uh, to make it, uh, just fire off a little bit better. Can you tell us a little bit about what we got, what we got kind of on tap there. Danny

[00:21:22] Danny Cantrell: [00:21:22] got a call with Kim , uh, and just go back to our relationship with Kim and Edgar and us attending the user conferences and.

[00:21:31] Uh, even if you go on our website, Greg Heights and actually did a. A micro documentary, three minute overview for SBT that’s on our website today. So, uh, as we got involved with the associations and a lot of folks listening today, go to the NAF conference in the apps, the conference in the automotive summit.

[00:21:51] Well, those associations, uh, they all have their apps, but we’re all texting folks. And so we begin to let the associations [00:22:00] send out agenda alerts. While at the conference. And amazingly, when we went virtual this year, We still kept doing the text alerts, but virtual was even more important cause you’re out walking the dog or you’re making the grilled cheese sandwich where my eight year old daughter or, you know, and you got the text alert that says general session is now opening in 15 minutes.

[00:22:23] Uh, so we reached out to camp. We saw your, your, your, uh, user comfort conferences coming up in March. And here’s a thought, Joe, what if you could text your own customers and let them be in the know on the go Norte, ridges Christmas holiday hours, or Joe sends out a text and says, here’s my most recent podcast, you know?

[00:22:44] And so, yeah, we’re. Working with Kim and we’re going to create an agenda and send out the text alerts and, uh, probably have a virtual happy hour. So you’re going to need to get a text, to take a selfie with your virtual cocktail in your hand. And we’re going to [00:23:00] have some fun. So if you don’t mind, I want to start the opt-ins.

[00:23:03] You can send them a text until you get opted in. So to encourage everybody that’s listening, I’m going to give away some money. Wow. And money now is making Joe. Everybody reached for their phone. So young people out there meaning you older. Well, let me tell you how to do a new text message. Do a new text.

[00:23:24] You see that little square in the corner. That’s a new text message that Joel was reaching for his phone, ladies and gentlemen, because he’s wanting to win some money by the way. Yeah. New text or phone number? (775)

[00:23:36] Joel Kennedy: [00:23:36] 137-7513.

[00:23:38] Danny Cantrell: [00:23:38] And the word you’re going to text is North Ridge, North Ridge, and hit the sin button.

[00:23:46] And that just opted you in for the Hey guys, first compliance message. And now you’re in the know on the go. And when you’re a Norte rage customer, you’re going to get industry updates nor North Ridge updates. Uh, and then [00:24:00] also agenda alerts about the conference. And so we call that team text. It’s another product of solutions by text.

[00:24:07] Uh, and now I want you to do one other thing. Yes, sir. I’ll pull out your phone, go back to that message and put in the name, Danny and hit your sin button and I’ll show you what that did. Look at that. Cool. It sent me your phone number.

[00:24:28] Well here, I actually, I showed you the wrong one. There you are. Two, four. Oh, yup. Yup. Right. And so the way we’re going to give money is when you hear this podcast, do Norte raise, but then put in my name, Danny. And then that will send you my, your phone number and I’ll see it on my phone. And then when I see it, come in, what am I going to do?

[00:24:51] Joel, pick up your phone. I’m calling you right now. Pick up your phone. Oh, there you go. Yep. [00:25:00] Joe, congratulations. You just want a $25 Amazon gift card and the 100th person that texts, uh, Danny. And North Ridge, uh, we’re going to give them their own Island out in Cabo, San Lucas.

[00:25:21] Joel Kennedy: [00:25:21] Uh, I love it. Well, this is exciting because look, um, as, as the, you know, I’ve been members of the NAF, you know, we do conferences getting this whole infrastructure with the, the ticketing and the communication and the agenda. I mean, there’s entire businesses that do that. But for companies like a Norte Ridge, or maybe you have some kind of customer appreciation day or what have you, right.

[00:25:48] I’m thinking buy here, pay here, dealers. Hey, we’re cooking hot dogs. It’s Memorial day kind of thing. Get on down and check out your new F150 or used one or whatever. Yeah. I love it because [00:26:00] this is what COVID and omni-channel are really meaning. Broadly. I speak with many, many people in many, many different businesses across consumer lending and what COVID and omni-channel have given us, is this given an opportunity for the small guy, the small lender to operate as though they, they, they look and feel like the biggest.

[00:26:21] Bank that has all the trappings that you would be looking for as a super prime consumer. So this is power to the people. I love this type of stuff, power to the people as delivered through these intermediary companies. And I think it’s ultimately great for the consumer,

[00:26:35] Danny Cantrell: [00:26:35] Danny. Yeah. You just got me pumped up.

[00:26:37] I was thinking I was back in my apartment 25 years ago. And when you called my voicemail, And I didn’t answer it. I was the nation’s leading automated call center in a one bedroom apartment power to the small businessman. Let’s go,

[00:26:57] Joel Kennedy: [00:26:57] you know what, uh, at the end of the day, all that matters [00:27:00] is a scoreboard.

[00:27:00] I don’t care. I mean, remember that picture of, uh, was it Jim Thorpe?

[00:27:04] Danny Cantrell: [00:27:04] Yeah,

[00:27:07] Joel Kennedy: [00:27:07] native American Olympian went to do like a, uh, track and field thing and somebody stole his shoes. So he had to dig two old shoes out of a garbage can and time together with old string and stuff. And he won the fight. Yeah.

[00:27:22] Danny Cantrell: [00:27:22] Right.

[00:27:22] Bringing a tear to my eye. Cause that was my dad’s favorite athlete. Oh yeah. All right.

[00:27:29] Joel Kennedy: [00:27:29] Well folks. Danny Cantrell of solutions by Tex, a fantastic company partner with Northridge, uh, continuing to innovate well beyond, uh, the garage and the, uh, the, the little, uh, voicemail, uh, uh, leading voicemail lever. Um, but, uh, Danny, I’ll let you have the last word, but, but let me, let me, let me first say, thanks.

[00:27:51] Thanks so much for joining the podcast today. Well,

[00:27:53] Danny Cantrell: [00:27:53] buddy, I tell you what the good thing about being in business is if you’re in a business where you can actually have [00:28:00] an authentic relationship, uh, you know, and, and, and care about your customers and get to know their families. And I want you to know, I, you inspired me through COVID, you really lock down your routines and your health, and you were inspiring people, and I’m excited for the impact that you’ve made.

[00:28:19] Uh, as you hit the North Ridge bus. Um, but I really encourage everybody as we go into 2021 to, you know, we set those goals, uh, and they’re usually your health goals, but I would, I would encourage everybody to set a goal that, that, you know, to, uh, faith and family and work. Yeah. However you go after that goal, just realize that you’ve made it

[00:28:48] Joel Kennedy: [00:28:48] go well.

[00:28:49] Amen, brother. Couldn’t say it any better myself. Thank you so much, everybody. Danny, from solutions by the consumer five podcast has been brought to you by Northbridge [00:29:00] loan software. That accelerates change. We’d also like to thank the national automotive finance association, the only trade association, exclusively serving the non-prime auto financing industry.

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