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Loan Software That Accelerates Change.


Trusted by lenders

The Nortridge Loan System has been around for over 40 years and is used and recognized as the best by some of the most valuable lending businesses.


Lending Software that Provides Powerful Flexibility Throughout the Loan Lifecycle

Granular configuration for creating loan products and clear visibility into your loan and borrower data are just the basics.

Loan Management Software

Manage your borrowers’ data and configure advanced automation sequences to ensure that your customers’ data is being managed efficiently with robust features such as SMS messaging, automated emails, payment history, credit reports and much more.

Loan Management Software 

Loan Servicing Software

Accept payments online with credit and debit cards, by phone (with debit/credit cards) and via ACH. Generate statements and letters for online viewing or print, or email. Track and manage collateral, escrow and payoffs.

Loan Servicing 

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Default Management Software

Improve your collection rates on delinquent accounts. Generate queues based on any triggers. Automate promises to pay, kept and broken promises. Automate handling of bankruptcies and other legal actions.

Default Management 

Business Analysis & Loan Account Management System

Segment borrower and loan performance any way you want. Generate reports for any aspect of the lending business. Direct interfaces to any GL system, export at any level of detail or summary.

Business Analysis & Loan Account Management 

Customizable Lending Software to Meet Your Unique Needs

Nortridge loan servicing software is completely customizable to meet the unique needs of any lender or finance manager. The software can be tailored to specific industries, such as auto, payday loans, peer-to-peer lending or medical loan servicing, and can be configured to support a wide range of loan products, from mortgages to student loans. The software can be customized to meet the specific business requirements of each individual lender. This includes customizing workflows, user interfaces, and integrations with other systems, as well as creating custom reports and analytics. By providing this level of customization, Nortridge loan servicing software can help lenders and finance managers improve their efficiency and profitability by streamlining their operations and optimizing their loan portfolios.

Nortridge Lending Applications

Consumer Installment Loans

Easily manage and track consumer installment loans throughout the entire lifecycle of the installment loan. With robust customization tailored around consumer installment loans, Nortridge has your back.

Commercial Lending Software

Enjoy innovative features that have been built for lending professionals in the commercial lending space. With the Nortridge system, you can be sure to manage commercial loans with great ease.

Auto Financing Software

Get lightning-fast financing options all from the comfort of the Nortridge loan system. Run detailed credit reports and pass customer data directly to your integration end-points. Improve sales and manage auto loans much more effectively.

Economic Development and Nonprofit

Automate payment processing and improve your ability to track and analyze loan data, while placing more focus on your mission of promoting economic growth and community development.

Hard Money Lending

Lender software can benefit those that specialize in short-term. Ensure compliance with state and federal regulations and improve your ability to manage your loan portfolio.

Medical Loans Servicing

Manage the complex billing and payment processes associated with medical loans. By automating payment processing, you’ll be reducing errors and improving your ability to track and
analyze loan data.


The Nortridge loan software can be an asset to mortgage lenders, as it helps manage the many tasks involved in servicing mortgage loans, including processing payments and managing escrow accounts.

Payday Loans

Quickly and accurately process payments and track delinquent accounts. This is particularly important to be able to do in the payday loans industry, where payments are often due
on a tight schedule.

Peer to Peer

Manage your complex network of investors and provide real-time
reporting and analytics, allowing
lenders to make data-driven decisions
about which loans to fund and which
investors to work with.

Student Lending

Allow hardworking student borrowers to change their repayment plans based on their changing financial situations, such as a job loss or a pay cut, reducing the likelihood of delinquencies and

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Lending Software That Is Trusted by Lenders

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Regional Management

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Loan software that adapts to your business

Flexibility with customizations and making the software fit your business needs. Nortridge Support/Staff are always knowledgeable and timely with responses.
Carolyn Smith

— Credit Central

Nortridge Pricing, Hosting & Features


Nortridge Features

An All-Inclusive Online Loan Software

Consumer Installment Loan Software

Support multiple loan products
Support multiple interest types 

Credit reporting/pulling

Print & Mail Statements Automation *

Borrower Portal *

Reporting engine

Contact Management

Custom contact records
Address verification
User Defined Fields
Texting *
Document storage

Payment Processing

Payment rules engine
Payment waterfall distribution

Native ACH processing

Debit & Credit card
Native processor integrations *

Reporting engine


Enterprise security controls
256-bit encryption of data at rest
SSL 1.2 or higher
Role-based access controls
Field-level security options

Audit Control

SOC II compliant
Detailed history logs

Default Management

Collector Mode

Bankruptcy automation *


In-app scripting
Direct database access


Rules engine
Workflow engine
Starting at $1,050/month

Delivery Options


Enterprise License

Multiple hosting options 




Fully redundant
Nightly backups
SOC II compliant
Shared Environment
Flexible pricing

Enterprise Pricing

Custom licensing models for high loan volume lenders
Get a customized quote that fits your lending model or lending scenario.
Contact sales

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